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Crestview Garden Centre Norval

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Crestview Garden Centre Norval
Darrell Marsh
2578 Bovaird Dr. West
Norval, Ontario L7A 0H2

905-450-6767 | phone
416-418-2428 | cellular

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Crestview Garden Centre Norval

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit us, is our large selection of top quality live plants, which is unparalleled in the area. Maintaining the quality and selection of our plants is our main priority and we take this task very seriously. Crestview Garden Centre only partners with a handful of top growers that meet or exceed our strict guidelines and most of these partnerships have been years in the making.

Crestview Garden Centre also carries a large selection of hard good products such as; fertilizers, hand tools, insect and pest control products, pots and planters and much more.

We offer a thoughtfully chosen selection of modern, contemporary and traditional style outdoor and indoor planters.


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